Project Overview

Building the Foundation – Accumulate

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You are starting to earn more money than you ever have and as a result never seem to accumulate much wealth. You are thinking about the 3 Ms… Mortgage, Marriage and Midgets… You are not sure the best way to go about building your financial future.

The choices you make and the habits you develop in the years to come will certainly impact the level of financial freedom you have over your life. A major focus at this stage should be debt management and starting to increase and track your net wealth.

The challenges you may be facing:

  • Purchasing property
  • Marriage or cohabitation
  • Having Kids (and paying for them)
  • Promotions at work or starting a business
  • Increasing household expenses

How can we help?

  • Defining your goals and helping you to achieve them
  • Debt reduction strategies
  • Buying investments to generate passive income
  • Family protection (income protection, life, trauma, total & permanent disablement insurance)
  • Superannuation strategies

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