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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need information from me before the appointment?

We know how valuable both yours and our time is so we get you to complete a little bit of pre-work. This is so we can maximise the benefit for your financial advice appointment. By knowing just some basic info about yourself and your family. We can tailor the meeting to your circumstances, and provide you with some valuable insights and some actionable strategies that you can implement yourself straight away.

What do I need to bring with me?

We will need to verify and copy your photo ID at some stage in the process. Any relevant financial statements; super statements, investment statements, insurance documents, loan details. This may speed the advice process up because we can complete our research quicker.

How long will the meeting take?

Depending on what you want to discuss, anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Do you have parking?

At Black Forest we have parking behind the building – access is via School Avenue. For the Broken Hill office parking is on the street outside the building.

How much does it cost?

The initial meeting cost is $165 inc GST. This is waived in certain circumstances if referred by an existing client or referral partner. From there we can both decide if we want to work together and any fees going forward will consequently be agreed upon.

What will the fee be after that?

This depends on the complexity of your situation and what the agreed advice services are. Advice fees can range from just a few hundred dollars up to thousands.  If you have a range of different tax structures like Company, Family Trust & SMSF your fee is certainly going to be higher than a simple mum and dad investor. If we are providing advice around many different strategies such as debt reduction, family protection, tax minimisation & wealth creation the fee is going to be more than a simple super rollover.

We will confirm our fee (and get your acceptance) before we start preparing our formal advice.

Is there any legal information I can look at?

You can verify a financial advisers licence details, qualifications, training and similarly even complaints on the ASIC money smart website. Note; there are two Justin Chandlers on there, I am under Justin Andrew Chandler.

It will show that I first started providing advice in 2010, am licenced through Investplan Pty Ltd and have various finance related qualifications.

Our Financial Services Guide and privacy details are at the bottom of this page. Which again provides details on what we offer, how we charge, and how to make a complaint if you had one.