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Need a smarter way to manage your farms finances online?

Are you a farmer looking for a better way to financially manage your enterprise? Let us introduce you to Figured. A software program in the cloud that provides you with the tools to do just this.

Figured’s production planning and farm budgeting tools work seamlessly with Xero enabling you to plan for farm acquisitions, debt repayment goals, lifestyle goals, off-farm investments and more. It also enables you to easily re-forecast as conditions/prices change as they always certainly do.

Some great benefits of Figured include;

  • Get a complete picture: see your farms financial, stock and crop information in one place. Cash, budgeting and stock on hand positions are integrated with your profit and loss.
  • Plan with confidence: with a complete picture, you can confidently plan and make adjustments as conditions change.
  • Spend less time doing paperwork/spreadsheets: Therefore completing quick and easy stock reconciliation, bank reports generated quickly as required and stock numbers automatically updated online.
  • Connect your team: because it’s all online, your entire farming team. (Farmers, Financial Advisers, Accountants, Bankers, Farm Consultants and so on). Can therefore collaborate using real time information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our farmers love that they can get a true picture of farm performance. As a result, we can work out which areas are doing well and which areas are barely breaking even or worth the effort. We can work out dollars per hectare, per carcass weight and more – all available with a few clicks.

Imagine being able to benchmark your farms to other similar farms around the country with similar operations… in contrast to “scenario plan” – that is, to assess profitability and cashflow impact of changes to your strategies. With Figured, these features are all available to you around the clock.

Using Xero and Figured together is smart and efficient, therefore allowing you to save on accounting fees and give your team more time to focus on ways to improve your financial situation which in turn improves your farm and your lifestyle. More info on other ways we can help click here. 

Email Justin@cpwealth.com.au or call 0412 701 348  or head to our website to find out more. Meet us at our Broken Hill office or in Adelaide.